Preparing for Robotics

Preparing for Robotics
Students at DC's Whittier Educational Campus with ReSET Volunteer Peter Mehrevari

Friday, June 17, 2011

Need Ideas for Classroom Sessions?

ReSET volunteer John Emler recently attended a science teaching session at the Greenbelt, MD Community Center.  Additional sessions are scheduled:
June 22nd & 23rd: Chemistry: Introduce the basic concepts of chemistry and show how chemical reactions can be controlled.
July 27th & 28th: Fluids: Introduce the concepts of viscosity, lift, drag and entrainment.

John reports that the program:
  1.  Is sponsored and paid for by the City of Greenbelt
  2.  Covers one topic each month, repeated at two different facilities in Greenbelt, , 7:00 to 8:30 pm.
  3.  Children 8 to 16 are welcome – free.  Parents usually stay – also free.
  4.  Teacher is a Physics graduate student at MD U. – He has access to equipment similar to what would be in a high school physics class.
  5.  Teacher is paid – amount not determined and does a very good job.
  6. Class room is large and suited for 15 + students.  However, only two students came.
  7. They are advertising the program in the City of Greenbelt newsletter of planning. 

      Good program that needs a lot more students

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