Preparing for Robotics

Preparing for Robotics
Students at DC's Whittier Educational Campus with ReSET Volunteer Peter Mehrevari

Monday, July 22, 2013

Kids love Goo!

ReSET volunteers Meghan O'Donoghue and Marion Pavon led a program this past term at E.L. Haynes Elementary in DC on the science of Goo!  They shared write-ups of their experiments, which I've posted on the ReSET website (see below).  John

Hello John,

Our five week class finished last Tuesday, and I think it went stupendously! Thank you for giving Mariana and me a chance to do science with the students. The microscopes were a huge hit. E.L. Hayes made us feel extremely welcome, and they ensured each class ran smoothly. 

Mariana is going to take a hiatus from ReSet, but because we had such a positive experience these past few months, I will try and recruit another volunteer to teach a class either over the summer or next fall if the scheduling works out.


See Number 30 at:

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